Water damages are bound to happen whether it is a matter of residential or commercial water damage restoration. Sudden flooding puts your property at risk. Delay in availing flood restoration services can turn a minor problem into a big one.

As flooding is inevitable, you must know some amazing facts about both commercial and residential water damage restoration. Awareness about flooding restoration helps in preventing risks, devaluation of property, and carpet damages.  Here are some facts you must know about water damage restorations:

Facts about Water Damage Restorations

Moulds and Mildew Growth Increases with Delay in Flood Restoration

As flooding incurs inside your premises, mould and mildew growth can start within 24 hours. In case when flooding incurs in your absence the probability of mould infestation multiplies.

Your carpets, floorings and even walls get moulded that cause severe property damage and loss. A tremendous delay in availing of residential water damage restoration services may force you to go for flooring and carpet replacement.

Drying of Water Doesn’t Fix the Problem

Many a time, owners ignore minor flooding and leakage inside the premises. However, a mere drying of water from the walls and flooring doesn’t fix the problem completely.

Regular dampness or minor leakage slowly destroys your floorings and walls along with your precious carpets. The presence of moisture invites mould that deteriorates the property within a matter of time. So, seek the help of water extraction experts and get the issue of leakage fixed.

Time is the Key

Timely availing of commercial water damage restoration services can help in preventing severe loss. Your quick actions can make a huge difference in the valuation of your property. Quick actions for controlling water sources and seeking help from water extraction experts can save you from tons of future problems.

There are Different Types of Water Contamination

There are different types of contaminated water categorized as white, grey, and black water. Every category of water does a different degree of damage to the property. The most dangerous category is black water that has solid wastes and is corrosive in nature.

Handling black water flooding must be avoided at home. It is best to contact water extraction experts for performing commercial water damage restoration on Sunshine Coast.

Different Building Material Require Different Cleaning Approach

Different properties are made from different materials. Some have concrete floorings while some prefer wooden. Based on the kind of materials used the method of performing residential water damage restoration also differs.

In case when floorings are made of delicate materials, sudden flooding may force you to go for replacement. Therefore, you must act swiftly and avail flood restoration services from water extraction experts.


Water Damage comes with devastating consequences. Therefore, you must know the facts associated with flooding and water damage restorations services.